Home in Queanbeyan - helping the homeless

HOME in Queanbeyan Staff

HOME in Queanbeyan staff work to provide a safe and loving environment where residents are encouraged to live active and fulfilling lives within their community.

The dedicated staff of HOME in Queanbeyan are:
  • Anne Pratt - Manager of HOME
  • Susan English
  • Ruth Felton
  • Chris Tanzey
  • Sue Skinner

HOME in Queanbeyan Board

The HOME in Queanbeyan Board serves the residents of HOME by providing effective governance and support.

  • Michael Mallon (Chair)
  • Julie Rheese (Deputy Chair)
  • Tony Carey
  • Fr Peter Day
  • Margaret Joy
  • Nick Pelle
  • Colin Imrie
  • Fr Michael Cockayne
  • Rev. Peter Junor
  • Glen Jarvis


  • Anne Pratt
    Manager of HOME
  • Ruth Felton
  • Susan English
  • Chris Tanzey
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