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As a supporter of HOME in Queanbeyan you will be aware that our mission is to provide a loving, safe and happy place, with 24/7 support, for people with enduring mental illness to call home. We have now been doing this very successfully since July 2010.

Fundamental to HOME is the fact that we do not seek or receive any recurrent funding from government.  This has always been central to what HOME is, as we seek to deliver pastoral rather than clinical care and support, in a non-institutional manner. 

Simply put, HOME is “home” to our residents.

However, to be able to maintain our 24/7 support for our 19 residents, we have annual operational costs of about $325,000, which comprises the wages of our staff, support and training for staff and generous volunteers, and all the normal costs associated with any home such as insurances, repairs and maintenance, electricity, gas, cleaning, food etc … but obviously on a larger scale. This is met from 2 main income sources; the rent paid by our residents (accounting for about 50%), and from fundraising and donations from generous individuals, families, philanthropic trusts, the business and community sectors.

To ensure the long term financial sustainability of HOME our goal is to accumulate sufficient cash reserves, wisely but conservatively invested, to provide enough annuity income to cover the bulk of the non-rent component of our income to guard against fluctuations in external financial support from time to time.

Accordingly, on behalf of the Board of HOME, I ask that you consider HOME in Queanbeyan Inc as a potential recipient of a bequest in your will.  We understand that this is a significant “ask”, but equally such bequests can potentially guarantee the long term financial security of HOME, for the direct benefit of its residents. It would be a wonderful way to support HOME in perpetuity.
Thank you very much for considering this sensitive matter.  I or any member of our Committee or management team would be very happy to discuss this if you wish.

Yours sincerely

Anne Pratt                                                                                          Michael Mallon
Manager                                                                                              Chair
HOME in Queanbeyan Inc.      

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