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NAME: Benny

BORN: 10 July 2010 at Majors Creek, NSW (just outside of Braidwood)

NATIONALITY: Australian, and proud resident of HOME in Queanbeyan

OCCUPATION: HOME'S mascot, plus I do some caring


  • Food: Schmackos treats, but I also love healthy things like chicken and vegies
  • Sport: Running around with my best friend, Jasper – he's a labradoodle.
  • Song: I Love My Dog, Cat Stephens
  • Hobby: Cuddling people...really, they cuddle me
  • Celeb: Not much in to famous people and celebrity stuff...but the Muppets are great!
  • Colour: Light chocolate brown...like my ears!

MOTTO: Love, love, love. Everything else is blah, blah, blah.


Thumb-paw History

Well, as you can see, I was born at Majors Creek, a tiny country town just outside of Braidwood. I was one of six pups, and first met my adopting parents when I was just two weeks old - I was about the size of a large mouse and weighed approximately 200 grams.

You should know that the people who bred me are very caring and thoughtful about the lives of their dogs. They make sure, as best they can, that all their pups go to good, loving and safe homes, so they always insist on meeting prospective parents as early as possible.

Anyway, after that first meeting, I spent another six weeks at my birthplace before being picked-up on Saturday 21 August, 2010. I was a little bit frightened about leaving my brothers and sisters behind, but it was a nice drive to Queanbeyan with my new family – and now I couldn't be happier. In fact, I love my HOME, and the people around me. It's a peaceful, calm, and caring environment.

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